Romanian companies post 165 billion euros in 2006 turnover

Romanian companies post a total business turnover worth 165 billion euros in 2006, that is an increase by 22 percent on the 2005 figures, with the overall profit surging 36 percent, to 15 billion euros, from the year before, according to a survey conducted by the National Council of Privately-Owned Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Romania (CNIPMMR), based on the balance sheets registered with the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
The profit margin reached 9.3 percent, compared with 8.3 percent a year before, with the overall labour productivity having climbed to almost 43,0000 euros per employee, that is an increase by 19 percent on the 2005 productivity figures.
The small and medium-sized enterprises (between 10 and 249 employees) contributed 60 percent to the business turnover in 2006, that is approximately 99 billion euros, a growth by almost 20 percent on the year before.
The profit recorded in the SME sector stood at 9.5 billion euros, that is an increase by 13 percent compared with the 2005 figures. The most significant profit margin stood at approximately 13.5 percent, recorded by micro-enterprises, while small-sized enterprises had the lowest profit margin, of only 6.6 percent. The profit margin in the SME sector stood at 9.8 percent, that is an increase by 1 percent on the margin a year before, according to Ovidiu Nicolescu, the CNIPMMR chairman.
The medium-sized enterprises (50-249 employees), which are more than 15,700, that is approximately 3 percent of the total number of companies, were 80 percent profitable and recorded profit volume worth RON 16 million (4.5 million euros), that is 30 percent of the SMEs and large companies' total profit.
On the other hand, large companies (more than 250 employees), of which there are 1,803 in Romania, were 75 percent profitable, generating a profit worth more than 5.8 billion euros, that is almost 38 percent of the volume of the 2006 profit in the economy.
Out of the total number of companies, micro-enterprises (up to 9 employees) hold 90 percent, generating a profit of more than 22 percent of the total profit volume recorded by companies in Romania and a value worth more than 15 percent of the total 2006 business turnover in the economy.
The 2006 business turnover of micro-enterprises, small and medium sized and large enterprises in Romania grew by approximately 22 percent from 2005, which is approximately 30 billion euros (RON 98 billion), a growth supported 18 percent by micro-enterprises.
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