Romanian management consultancy market appraised at 260 million euros

Romanian market of management consultancy is estimated at 260 million euros, up over 20 percent as against the previous years, according to a recent survey of the European Federation of Management Consultancies Association (FEACO).
The domestic market is on a continuous upward trend, mainly due to the accession to the Europeans Union, but experts deem that the management consultancy market is not mature yet, particularly because the fragmentation caused by the high number of competitors.
The report issued over the past days by FEACO shows that the European management consultancy market is appraised at 74 billion euros, up over 10.7 percent as against the previous year.
The contribution of management consultancy to Europe's GDP is at present of 0.62 percent and most countries reported a significant increase in the market of management constancy.
According to FEACO, economic growth and stability were the main reasons for the increase of the market, the same as the fact that the European organizations figured out that in order to be competitive at global level they should develop and invest. Other reasons were the EU membership for the new comers and the growth of export to East-European countries.
Industry, public sector and banking were the top sectors in most eastern and western European countries accounting for 70 percent of the market's total.
The report includes separate statistics or affiliated and quality-wise information about Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, accounting for almost 95 percent of the total of European management consultancy market. 
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