Romania’s IT distribution market exceeds 500m euros

The Romanian IT distribution market is expected to exceed 500 million euros in 2007 due to the country's joining the European Union, the Euro 200 governmental program, and an increase in consumption brought about by higher living standards.
"I estimate 's IT market to be worth 1.1 million euros in 2007 and I forecast a minimum 15 percent increase in 2008. My opinion is that IT distribution accounts for more than 50 percent of the entire market," Sorin Stancu, CEO of ProCA, official distributor of Hewlett Packard products in Romania, told Business Standard.
Some factors that have stimulated the distribution market's growth pace to 25-30 percent this year include technological changes, a Romanian tendency to view computers as fast-moving consumer goods, lower prices for hard disks, money sent home by Romanians working abroad, and the rural population beginning to purchase personal computers.
"If the market increased by some 20 percent last year, I can say that the IT distribution market rose more in 2007, reaching an approximate 25 percent growth rate," Iulian Stanciu, General Manager of Asesoft Distribution, major player on the Romanian IT market, told Business Standard.
Liviu Iancu, Distribution, Sales and Marketing Manager of Scop Computers, another important Romanian IT company, believes that the value of the Romanian IT distribution market is 500-600 million euros in 2007, registering a 30 percent growth rate. "I expect that structural funds accessed by Romanian companies for use in IT investments in the coming years will also produce a higher growth rate in this market," Iancu added.
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