Virtual shop Emag eying sales of over 150m euros this year

The turnover of online trader of electronics and IT&C products Emag could reach this year 140-150 million euros, almost double as against the previous years, allowing for the introduction of new products and services.
Last year Emag sold about 33,000 notebooks and this year it aims that one in three laptops be bought online from its own web site.
In the segment of photo and video products, the company estimates it might reach a market share of 15 percent, up 3 percent as against last year.
"The best-sold online products are at present notebooks, photo-video devices and LCD monitors and TV screens, followed by all-in-one printers, phones, mobile phones and PC components," said Radu Apostoloescu, the manager of the e-shop.
At the same time, Apostolescu deems that the biggest rise will be registered for notebooks, followed by mobile phones, all-in-one printers and software solutions. Emag started its business with a warehouse of 1,500 square metres and a site of on-line orders.
In December 2007, the company celebrated six years from the first on-line order and in the same month, the e-shop hit a record high for the on-line trade in Romania: it registered 2,682 orders worth 1.1 million euros in one day alone.
The local market of on-line trade will go up this year up to 250 million euros, which accounts for a rise twice as much compared to 2007, when on-line sales stood at 115 million euros, daily Business Standard informs.
According to experts, the migration from classic retail to the online trade will influence this year the growth of the electronics and IT&C products and the process will continue to be boosted by the development of the products’ offer.
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