Transylvania, among first five tourist destinations in Europe recommended by USA Today

Tourist attractions in Transylvania, center of Romania, are among the top holiday destinations in Europe that the renowned site USA Today recommends to American tourists. With all prices going up, and the dollar down, USA Today has intended to make a classification of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe accessible to American commoners.
Unlike Romanians, who believe their country has become expensive for tourists, the Americans say in their analysis that Transylvania, at least, offers reasonable prices to its visitors. Tourist attractions in Transylvania would be wild landscapes, probably the last rural areas in the continent with a medieval life style and with old traditions, cities and towns full of the culture and civilization of South-Eastern Europe.
Tourists are advised to start from the city of Brasov, full of history and medieval buildings, including churches and strongholds, to go by cabin to Tampa, wherefrom they have a splendid view of the city and of the mountains. The next location could be Bran Castle, known as the Castle of Dracula. It perfectly suits the Hollywood ideal of the castle of vampires, it has even been filmed for movies about Dracula.
Tourists can also go to Sighisoara. One of the best conserved medieval cities in Europe, it is part of UNESCO World Heritage. Visitors can also go to Sibiu, which was the European Capital of Culture in 2007.
Transylvania is presented fourth in the tourist attractions in USA Today, the other four are, in this order, attractions from Bulgaria, Berlin, Turquoise Coast in Turkey, and Moravia region in the Czech Republic.

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  1. hmmm

    articolul din USA Today suna asa : „Five Europe destinations that won’t kill your budget”, adica daca n-ai bani destui e ceva si pt tine. si ce ma mai incanta este si urmatorea : „Traveling around Romania by yourself requires a lot of patience and improvisation as English isn’t widely spoken and the tourism infrastructure can be poor to nonexistent. If you’re not up for the hassles, consider signing up for a guided tour.”(fragment din articolul USA Today)misto nu?



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