MediCredit Leasing: Big projects for health system

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MediCredit Leasing, the only medical equipment leasing company in Romania, plans to increase its turnover by at least 30% this year, or 15-20 million euros.
The company is hoping to consolidate its position in the area of large projects, worth over 1 million euros, and very large ones, exceeding 5 million euros.
"In 2008 we are expecting a doubling of the value of contracts against 2007. The financing value increased by 70% in 2007 while the number of contracts increased by over 60% against 2006," said Mugur Stancu, General Manager of MediCredit Leasing.
Stancu says the market is focused on large projects that include management advice, project management, and personalized financing.
Recouping the investment in some projects happens twice as fast as initially expected. "The more technology the projects includes, the quicker the recouping of investment is" Stancu told Business Standard daily on July 2.
"We offer financing in all segments. Diagnostics is the most profitable area, while surgery ranks second," he explained, adding that, in his opinion, investors must consider human resources and technology. The leasing company valuates the projects from a human resource perspective.
Early redemption is very low, under 0.5%, because "doctors are good about paying their debts", indicated Stancu.
The value of the medical equipment market in 2007 was 150 million euros, and could reach 200 million euros this year, said Stancu. Some one third of this market is represented by the private market, which obtains financing predominantly through bank loans or leasing.
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