Assembly of European Wine Growing Regions (AREV) Conference to be held in Prahova County

Members of County Council of Pravhova (southern Romania) okayed, late last week, the organization of the Conference of the Assembly of European Wine Growing Regions (AREV), in Ploiesti (60 km north of Bucharest), in October.
The decision draft stipulates the organization in Prahova County of an AREV Conference, an European Organization, set up in 1994, promoting the joint interests of Europe’s wine growing regions.
Attending the Conference are officials from 45 European winegrowing regions, along with the winegrowers from Prahova County, winners, this year, of four international gold medals for Tohani Wine, Prahova County Council president Mircea Cosma informed.
After 15 years of functioning and meetings held in most of the European countries, with a view to getting information about the relevant problems and finding the best solutions for them, AREV issues the guiding principles of the wine growing policy, combining the general interest of the whole wine making chain from the producer to the consumer, with the particularities and the traditions of each region.
This month, AREV officials sent its member regions a message asking them to reiterate the tradition to organize, in rotation, several events and meetings, such as plenary sessions, international conferences, meetings of AREV Bureau.
Prahova County has a rich experience and a long tradition in winegrowing and joined AREV in 2007.
Famous vineyards such as Dealu Mare of Urlati, Valea Calugareasca of Seciu and Boldesti-Scaieni, Ceptura and Tohani of Gura Vadului cover over 10,000 ha vineyards and young vineyards, all in Prahova County.
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