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Romania ranks last in world by number of tax contributions paid by medium-sized firms

Romania is ranked last in the world by the number of the tax contributions that medium-sized companies have to pay, shows the Paying Taxes 2009 annual report released by financial consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Romanian branch, on November 10.
Romania is ranked 181st in the world out of the 181 states surveyed – with the figures referring the year 2007 -, down from the 175th spot at the previous edition of 178 states.

According to the report, the Romanian firms must carry out 113 tax payments over the year.
The previous edition of the report showed that a Romanian company had to pay 96 taxes and duties a year, pushing Romania last in the European Union and three spots above the last position in the world rankings of the number of tax contributions.
The time needed by a Romanian company to pay its one-year taxes was 202 hours last year, the same as in 2006. Romania is placed 74th in the world by this issue, down from the 70th in this year’s edition.
The bulk of the payments a Romanian-based company has to make is labour-related, ranking Romania 84th from 113 countries.
Romania is placed 146th in the world by the aggregate indicators – the number of payments, the allotted time – down from 134th a year ago.

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