Boc Government OK’d by Parliament, with 324 votes in favor and 115 against

Boc Government has won a vote of confidence in Parliament on Monday (Dec 22) evening, with 324 votes in favor and 115 against, announced Chamber of Deputies' Secretary, Valeriu Zgonea.
Out of the total 454 MPs present, 445 senators and deputies cast a vote. The total number of cast votes was 439, while six others were annulled.
According to Article 103, Paragraph 3 of Romania's Constitution, a government needs a minimum 236 votes in favor, in order to win the Parliament's vote of confidence.
After the results were announced, the new PM, approved by Parliament, Emil Boc, gave assurances regarding the Government's future collaboration with the Legislative body, with a view to taking the best decisions.
"On behalf of the team I represent, I thank you for your trust. I want to assure you that I am well aware of the responsibility on our shoulders. I know there is hope in this country and that this team (the members of the new Cabinet, edt's note), will place their knowledge and skills in the service of Romanians, to revive their hope in our ability to lead the country in a good direction and ensure its stability and that, through the measures we are going to take, and through the collaboration with you, we will give Romania stability and hope for the better", Boc said.


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