Dacia carmaker boosts production

Romanian Automobile Dacia carmaker is to boost production up to 1,200 units a day, so as to be able to honour a 30,000-unit order from abroad, from Germany more precisely. Thus, the production pace at the carmaker's plant will increase from 1,085 to 1,200 units a day, in the coming period, with employees to possibly be asked to come to work on Saturdays too, vice-leader of the Automobile Dacia Trade Union Ion Iordache said on Thursday.
'We are very glad we will have work to do in the following two months, but we are still worried about what will be after we manage to honour this order from Germany. Unfortunately, the domestic car market is still dead in the water," Iordache said. The production rate at Dacia was cut early this year down to 1,085 cars per day, compared with 1,360 cars in 2008, because of the dramatic drop in the sales.

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