Romanian Identity Party calls on Italian media to put an end to campaign on Romanian offenders

The Romanian Identity Party (PIR) of Italy on Saturday (Fev 22) in a conference held in Rome, attended by Italian journalists, called on the Italian media to put an end to the campaign that presents in an exaggerate manner, the offenses within the Romanian community.
"According to data supplied by the Rome Police, the number of rapes in Rome has dropped by 10 percent in 2009, but, when reading the press in the past few days you get the feeling that it actually went up 100 times," the PIR president, lawyer Giancarlo Germani said, asking for the introduction of some penalties for the Italian journalists who present this issue in a xenophobic manner.
In his turn, the PIR national secretary Mihai Muntean, said that the news highlighting the Romanian nationality of the offenders, also encourage the public revenge of Italian extremist groups against innocent Romanians, referring to the recent attacks on three Romanian stores. He announced that the PIR would organize street demonstrations aimed at drawing the attention over the need for the Romanians to be fairly treated in Italy.
Muntean has also told the Italian journalists that Romania has rich culture and traditions which also need to be presented, if the crime issue will be left with the relevant authority who have the duty to solve it. Moreover, Rome town hall advisor Giorgio Ciardi, said that crime does not have nationality or ethnicity.
The PIR called for better cooperation between the Romanian and Italian police and "the monitoring, by the Romanian intelligence services" and the Italian ones, of some Romanian communities on the outskirts of the Italian cities. The PIR has also asked for concrete social integration measures for Romanians and the observance of their civil rights.
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