Carpatair airplane returns to Timisoara Airport after alleged engine malfunction

A Saab-2000 airplane owned by carrier Carpatair and having  47 passengers  on board returned on Tuesday morning to the  Timisoara  „Traian Vuia” departure airport short after takeoff, after the pilots announced the control tower that the monitoring instruments were indicating a malfunction of one of the engines.
The flight was covering the Timisoara – Bergamo route and the plane returned to Timisoara from close to the city  of Szeged, Hungary.
Carpatair vice-president Paula Ardelean informed that after airplane checks, the passengers were transferred to another flight that took them to destination. The air carrier's technicians are now verifying the grounded Saab-2000 to see if there has been a real engine malfunction or just a „false alarm” triggered by the sensors.
Ten days ago an identical airplane operated by Carpatair and flying from Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) to Timisoara made a safe emergency landing on the „Traian Vuia” Airport; the plane had previously circled the city almost two hours to use up fuel and prevent a blaze, after its landing gear became stuck. All 47 passengers and the four crew were safely evacuated, whereas the airplane suffered only minor damage.

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