Oldest prisoner pardoned by Romania’s president

The oldest prisoner from the maximum security prison of Iasi (north-east of Bucharest), octogenarian Constantin Dima has been pardoned on Wednesday by Romania's president Traian Basescu.
The head of the Romanian state signed the decree of pardon for Constantin Dima, the 80-year old man from the locality of Mosna, who was imprisoned for disturbance of possession.
The decree of pardon mentions that because of humanitarian reasons and allowing for the age and the health condition of the prisoner, as well as for his family situation, on Wednesday, April 1, Romania's President Traian Basescu signed the decree of pardon for Constantin Dima for the remainder of sentence which was not served, applied for the crime of non-observance of judicial decisions stipulated by article 271, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code.
'It's good news that Constantin Dima will spend the Easter with his family. I consider that in such cases, as it is the one of Constantin Dima, although judges were fair in the implementation of the law, they should take into account the human aspect of the case before ruling a final verdict,' said deputy Petru Movila, who endorsed the pardon decree before the state institutions.
The 80-year old Dima was sent to prison in February after having been given a 6-month probation in 2006 because of disturbance of possession.The 80-year old Constantin Dima wanted to take the law into his own hands after judges compelled him to share 3.5 ha of land with his sister. As a consequence, magistrates decided to send him behind bars for 2 years, after he tore once again the stakes which marked the boundaries of the plot of land.
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