Actress Marga Barbu has passed away

Actress Marga Barbu has passed away on Tuesday night, at the Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, after several heart sufferings, the hospital's manager, dr. Claudiu Turculet told. According to Turculet, the 80 year-old actress suffered for quite a long time from valvular matters, pulmonary high blood pressure, as she has been hospitalized several times at the said hospital.
Actress Marga Barbu is known among the movie -goers for her parts as Anita in the 'Haiducii' series and Agatha in the 'Margelatu' series, where she played together with Florin Piersic. Marga Barbu was born on February 24, 1929, at Ocna Sugatag, the county of Maramures, northern Romania. She graduated the Bucharest-based Theatre Institute, in 1950, playing afterwards in more than 30 movies.
She was married to writer Eugen Barbu, the one who is, next to Nicolae Paul Mihai, the author of the screenplays for the 'Margelatu' and 'Haiducii' series. In 2004, Marga Barbu received the 'Faithful Service' National Order in rank of chevalier, as a recognition of her long-lasting artistic career.
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