Moldovan border authorities reopen Sculeni border checkpoint

Moldovan students in Romania on Wednesday received with applause the news that, starting on 12.15 p.m. they will be allowed to enter the territory of Republic of Moldova through the Sculeni border checkpoint.
"The authorities from the Republic of Moldova announced that, starting at 12.15 p.m., traffic was resumed through the  Sculeni border  checkpoint.  Nevertheless, citizens  needed to have  the necessary papers on them to pass, deputy of Border Police Inspectorate made the announcement.
The message sent to Romanian authorities by authorities in Chisinau was received with applause by the approximately 200 Moldovan students who are studying in the Romanian universities. They arrived at the Sculeni border checkpoint at around 12.
Students – painted in red, yellow and blue (the colours of the Moldovan flag, e.n.) on their cheeks and wearing placards on which it was written "We want home!", "Open the gates!", "I want to go home!".
Border authorities from the Republic of Moldova on Wednesday, 8 a.m., closed the Sculeni border checkpoint (north-east of Bucharest).
Gheorghe Pandelea, deputy of County Inspectorate of the Border Police of Iasi (eastern Romania) was told by the Moldovan authorities to redirect traffic through other border checkpoints. 'I was announced by the Moldovan border guards that starting 8 a.m. the Sculeni border checkpoint is closed. The Romanian authorities at the border were asked to redirect the traffic through other checkpoints,' Pandele said.
According to him, a bus with 22 Romanian citizens traveling this morning from Cluj-Napoca to the Republic of Moldova was asked by border operators to turn around from the checkpoint. Moldovan students studying in universities in Romania were to meet at 10 a.m in front of the Palace of Culture in Iasi, wherefrom to leave by cars to cross the border to the Republic of Moldova.
In the case the authorities at the border stopped them from crossing, they would have intended to protest at the checkpoint at Sculeni, the same as they did on Tuesday.
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