As many as 13 companies vying for country brand

As many as 13 companies worldwide specialising in branding registered by May 4 when expired the deadline for the submission of the bid in the auction for the realisation of Romania’s country brand, a project on which the Romanian Ministry of Tourism allots 2 million euros.

‘There are big consortiums specializing in brand consulting, but also some national companies which associated with international companies in order to participate in the auction. For the time being we cannot provide information related to the names of the companies,’ said Stefan Lungu, communications manager of the Ministry of Tourism, quoted by daily Ziarul Financiar.

One of the participation conditions of companies specialised in brand consulting was the previous experience in such a brand project. This condition hinders local operators of brand consulting to participate independently in the auction, their alternative being to associate to an international company.

The sum allotted by the Ministry of Tourism for the acquisition of services for the realisation of the country tourist brand comes from structural funds, through the regional operational programme Priority Axis 5 – Sustainable development and tourism promotion. In total, the creation and promotion of tourist brand will cost some 75 million euros. The two million euros sum are destined to the brand’s establishment and 73 million euros are destined for promotion.

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