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Distrigaz South becomes GDF Suez Energy Romania

Natural gas provider Distrigaz South changed its name into GDF Suez Energy Romania, on the occasion of a modernization process of the company services and of its integration into GDF Suez Group, according to a release of GDF Suez Energy Romania.
Romania-based company is held by GDF Suez Group, operating on the world energy market.
The introduction of GDF Suez brand is supportive of the launch of unique services on the energy market in Romania, as the Online Agency, ExpertGaz or individualized electricity and natural gas offers. A new web site was launched to this end:
The group is present in the energy field through its branches GDF Suez Energy Romania, provider of natural gas and services, Distrigaz South Networks, the first natural gas distributor in Romania and through two operators on the storage market, Amgaz and Depomures.
GDF Suez is also active in the sector of energy services, through Trapec and Axima and in the environment related activities.
As well, GDF Suez participates in Cernavoda project and in Borzesti thermo power station.
Distrigaz South Networks, company set up in March 2008, following the division between the distribution activity and the sales one, is to further keep its current name and will remain a branch of GDF Suez Energy Romania.
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