FORT: Fetesti-Cernavoda Danube Bridge toll breaches EU Accession Treaty

The toll for using the Fetesti – Cernavoda Danube River bridge (southeastern Romania) breaches the Treaty of Accession to the European Union, because the Romanian state was granted a derogation from the enforcement of the road tax in its current form, until highway tolls are introduced, said the Federation of Romanian Road Transport Operators (FORT).

FORT representatives believe that Romania should choose between withdrawing the road tax or lifting the bridge toll.
FORT already referred a relevant complaint to the European Commission, announced Federation representatives. It was decided that the Fetesti-Cernavoda Danube River bridge should run as a toll bridge as of Monday, August 3.

Car drivers (all-terrain vehicles included) are charged 10 lei; motorbikes – 7 lei; microbuses, automotives with a maximum authorized weight of less than 12 tonnes – 35 lei; buses, coaches, automotives with a maximum total authorized weight equal to or higher than 12 tonnes and a maximum of three axles – 47 lei.

For vehicles with a maximum total authorized weight higher than or equal to 12 tonnes and four axles at least, the fee was set at 68 lei.
The amounts were established by order of former Minister of Transport Ludovic Orban, issued in February 2008.

The fees apply to vehicles registered in Romania and in other states, for each crossing, regardless the destination.
The Control and Collection Agency lies beside the Fetesti-Cernavoda motorway section, at milestone km 144+251.

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