Extra gates to be placed for collecting toll on crossing Fetesti-Cernavoda Danube River bridge

Romanian Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is going to place extra gates to charge vehicles crossing the Fetestesti-Cernavoda Danube River bridge, so that to avoid the blockage at the single gate existing right now, Transport Minister Radu Berceanu stated on Thursday.

Thus, starting on August 3, there was reintroduced the toll for using the Fetesti-Cernavoda bridge over Danube.
The toll paid by the small vehicles stands at 10 lei, while the toll for motorcycles stands at 7 lei, for microbuses and heavier vehicles below 12 tonnes and with maximum three axes – 35 lei, while for buses and other vehicles heavier than 12 tonnes the cost is 47 lei.

For one vehicle heavier than 12 tonnes and with minimum 4 axes the cost is 68 lei.
The tariffs were established through order of Transport Minister Ludovic Orban, issued in February 2008, and they are valid for both vehicles registered in Romania and abroad, for each and every crossing, regardless of the direction.

The Foundation for the Protection of Citizens against State Abuse (FACIAS) and the Civil Society for Democracy (SCD) are going to sue in September the Transport Ministry, as well as the Agency of Control and Collection Fetestia that is actually collecting the money, to lift the toll on the bridge, the SCD Chairman Razvan Zamfir told a press conference on Thursday.

‘We ask the responsible to refund the toll to all those who have already paid it and still have the proof for that fact,’ Razvan Zamfir said, also saying that the toll is abusive, ‘unjustified and illegal.’
He also added ‘the so-called bridge toll should be included in the national road tax.’

The toll for using the Fetesti-Cernavoda Danube River bridge breaches the Treaty of Accession to the European Union, because the Romanian state was granted derogation from the enforcement of the road tax in its current form, until highway tolls are introduced, said on Monday the Federation of Romanian Road Transport Operators (FORT).

FORT representatives believe that Romania should choose between withdrawing the road tax or lifting the bridge toll.
FORT already referred a relevant complaint to the European Commission, announced Federation representatives.

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