Cartel Alfa trade union says gov’t shows lack of professionalism

Chairman of Cartel Alfa Trade Union Confederation Bogdan Hossu said on Wednesday the Government shows lack of professionalism by its planned move to cut the working hours in the public sector.

Hossu told a news conference in Satu Mare (northern Romania) that the International Monetary Fund did not require a restructuring or salary cut, but its requirement was that all the spending made by the state be covered by revenues.

He explained that if the executive had wanted to have a responsible attitude towards the citizens, it should have made an analysis of the overall expenditure and might thus have discovered unjustified spending.

He argued that restructuring, if needed, should have been made after dialogue with the representatives of all sectors, i.e. education, healthcare and home affairs.
‘What is going to happen to healthcare, to education – are we going to send them all home for ten days? What is going to happen to the public order?

The extra time that the staff work proves there is a lack of personnel. And now they are going to stay home. It’s absolutely preposterous’, the union leader said.
Hossu believes the Government’s actions are populist and argues that moves to curb tax evasion could increase the revenues in the public sector.

If one cannot legally enforce budget employees’ having a forced holiday, dismissal would follow.
If the measure for the budget employees’ going on forced holiday over September-November could not legally be enforced, the next measure to be taken by the Government might be the dismissal of the employees, Minister of Public Finance Gheorghe Pogea told a TV broadcast on Tuesday.

„There are legal ways. It is decision of the Government. Let us suppose the following thing: that currently the legislation in force does not allow us. I am saying there is no oxygen in the cylinder. If we cannot do it, the next measure might be the dismissal. Therefore, we cannot do it to the end of life,” said Pogea.

„I know we have a Parliament, there is a Government whose role is to regulate things too, there is a special situation that is not specific to Romania, it is specific to the entire Europe and the whole world.
In other countries taxes increased, the VAT from 19 to 25, in other countries pensions went down by 30 percent and I suggested as much.

Let us all make an effort in the next three months, three days of holiday without pay every month.
There is no legal framework. We could say there is no legal framework for the crisis. Let us punish the crisis,” also said Pogea.

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