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Romania and abandonment of anti-missile shield

The decision of Obama administration to give up the anti¬missile shield in the Czech Republic and Poland, proposed by the Bush administration, in reply to the nuclear threats of Iran, was received with much reservation in Central and Eastern Europe and with euphoria in Moscow, while the authorities in Bucharest do not know if it is better to complain or to be happy, daily Ziarul Financiar writes in a commentary.

Only a small part of northern Romania would have been protected by the anti-missile shield of the Americans, but a few of the former foreign ministers of Romania are saying that, besides the negative political signal of the Obama administration to the countries in the East, there also is a positive one:

Romania has more chances to benefit from a complex coverage of its territory by the fact that the Americans could promote with NATO a project supported by Bucharest and which regards an integrated project of anti-missile defence.
The American secretary of defence has already spoken about such a system which could be applied in 2015.

„At stake is a system integrated to NATO, which will foresee the country that will benefit from its own anti-missile system, and at a possible threat the country that is closer to the threat will respond. The information will be centralized at the level of NATO, which is to send the information at local level.

As an example, if a Romanian frigate at the Black Sea detected a missile, the information would be sent to NATO and the Romanian team the closest to the scene will receive in a few seconds the OK to annihilate the missile,” former foreign and defence minister Teodor Melescanu explained for daily Ziarul Financiar.

He voiced doubt about the competitiveness of the Romanian „equipment” at present. Speaker of the Senate Mircea Geoana and former foreign minister Adrian Severin optimistically saw the announcement of Obama at the end of last week.

„It is sure that all the measures will be taken for the territory of Romania and the citizens of Romania to be under protection, this being the essence of NATO, said Geoana at a seminar on regional security topics. „As regards the decision of Obama administration of revising this anti-missile shield in Europe, I am not one of the alarmists of this region and I am sure that the measures taken will protect us all (…)”, said Geoana, quoted by the daily.

For his part, Severin said that the decision of renouncing the anti-missile shield, is good for Romania, because the system with two components, in the Czech Republic and Poland would have left us exposed in front of threats, which is possible to appear following the tensions between the United States, on the one hand, and Russia or Iran, on the other hand.

Former ForMin Adrian Severin said that the decision of the Americans has consequences for the East, because the way in which Washington announced its decision indicate the abandonment of the former communist countries.

In the East, the announcement of Bush about the setting up of an anti-missile shield as a reaction of the threats of Iran, about which Russia said that is, as a matter of fact, directed towards it, was supported exactly because many dwellers of those countries saw it as a reaction to the expansion of Russia, Cioroianu also said.

Romania and abandonment of anti-missile shield
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