UPDATE Geoana-Basescu cam put an end on Wednesday to political crisis

President of the Social Democratic Party Mircea Geoana, PSD, said, at the Parliament Palace, that the head of state, Traian Basescu, can put an end on Wednesday to the political crisis, in the conditions in which a transparent parliamentary majority was formed, that proposed a honorable majority Klaus Iohannis, to take over the mandate of prime minister.

After the consultations on the takeover of the mandate of prime minister, that were held between the PSD, the National Liberal Party, PN-L, Geoana appealed to president Basescu for responsibility as regards the national interest.

What was repeatedly invoked, during the Tariceanu ruling – the need of a parliamentary majority for supporting a government -is met now. Traian Basescu is responsible for the deblocking of the political crisis which he provoked after PSD went out of rule.

There are also the conditions of the resumption of the crisis, the resumption of the political dialogue with its own citizens from Romania. Iohannis made an exceptional impression.

He is serious, he is sober and modest, he has demonstrated the full range of aptitudes necessary for such an important position in Romania,” said the PSD president. He mentioned that he reminded the head of state the answer which, together with the leaders of the Opposition he had at the invitation to go to consultations at Cotroceni.

„I have asked for a consultation prior to the invitation of the five leaders of the Opposition, who confirm today the existence of an absolute and transparent majority in the Parliament of Romania,” stressed the leader of the Social-Democrats.

According to him, after the consultations held at the Parliament Palace, confirmed was the existence of an absolute and transparent majority in the Parliament of Romania,” stressed the leader of the Social-Democrats.

„With unanimity of vote, the PSD+PC Alliance, PNL, UDMR and the national minorities support without reservation Klaus Iohannis for the position of prime minister. This majority holds over 65 percent of the places in the Parliament of Romania, so that it can offer parliamentary support for a government attentive to the real problems of Romania, can re-set the trust in the domestic and international environment, in the developments in our country, to counter the degradation of the international perception as regards our country and to ensure a climate of free and fair election. According to article 3 of the Constitution, president Traian Basescu has the obligation to make consultations for the position of prime minister.

This condition was met, so that the proposal made by the majority can become, I believe, reality and we can rapidly put an end to this political crisis which is so detrimental to Romania and the Romanians, ” said the PSD president.


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