US VP Biden: American troops, proud to serve alongside Romanian troops

Romanian troops are making an excellent job in Afghanistan in very dangerous zones and the American troops are proud to serve alongside the Romanian military because they are very well trained, stated on Thursday US Vice President Joseph Biden at Cotroceni Palace, in a joint press declaration with President Traian Basescu.

Our military serve together in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in the West Balkans zone and I want to tell the Romanian people how grateful we are, the American people, President Obama and myself for the efforts made by the Romanian military. I want to tell you clearly that your military are extraordinary. They fight unconditionally”, underlined Joe Biden.

He said his son returned to the USA after serving as a Captain in the American army in Iraq, for a year and said that the Romanian military are very competent.
Our troops are proud to serve shoulder to shoulder with the Romanian troops because you are very competent. I would like you to see them as I saw – how competent your military are.

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You must be proud of them. And all the mothers, all the fathers, spouses, children of the 1,001 Romanians fighting in Afghanistan – and I sincerely address you, from my soul, as a parent, thank you, thank you, thank you”, said the American VP.

Joseph Biden also stressed that the Romanian military in Afghanistan fulfill their missions „with great skill in very difficult regions” and the USA is very grateful for their service, and their sacrifice. We have a great debt towards your country and the military families and we appreciate their efforts and contribution, concluded Joe Biden.

At the end of the press declarations President Traian Basescu had a short intervention, noting that the Romanian officers are also in command in Afghanistan of some American troops, aspect revealing the advanced stage of our bilateral relations.
„I would also like to note something very important. Romanian officers are the sole foreign officers with American military under their command. This is happening in Afghanistan and that shows how far the relations between the two countries reached. It is a first when such a thing is happening”, said Traian Basescu.

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