Romanian public institutions and authorities receive EPSA award

During a spectacular event held on November 5th and 6th in Maastricht, the Netherlands, the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) presented the European Public Sector Award 2009. This prestigious award recognizes the best and most innovative performers in European public administration.

The projects of the Romanian public administration enjoyed appreciation and won 4 good practice certificates and one nomination to a prize. Romania ranked 1st at this year’s edition as regards the number of projects submitted, with a total of 45 successful initiatives, proposed by 32 public institutions and authorities.

„I congratulate the initiatives of all institutions and public authorities who submitted their projects and popularized real examples of successfully implemented projects, that contribute to an improvement of the Romanian public administration’s image at European level. I want to encourage the participation of Romanian public institutions and authorities in future EPSA events,” head of the Public Servants’ National Agency, Andras Szaka, said.

More than a year ago, the EPSA 2009 was launched by EIPA with the purpose of bringing together the best, most innovative and efficient performers at all levels of public administration in a fair and open competition. Now, one year later and after an extensive, as well as impartial and independent evaluation process, the EPSA 2009 trophy was finally awarded.

The Director-General of the European Institute of Public Administration, Marga Pröhl, stated in her opening remarks that ‘this project shows that public administrations have an increased focus on citizen orientation; the use of new technologies is nowadays a key element in public administration innovation; reduction of administrative burden is high on the agenda of all governance levels and organizational development and leadership are increasingly being seen as key factors for success’.

The EPSA 2009 project highlights interesting insights among the demand- and process-driven changes in public administration, which can also teach the same administrations how to serve the citizen even better in this time of reducing resources.

At the Award Ceremony, Vladimir Spidla, European Commissioner, stressed that ‘strengthening the administrative capacity in Europe is one of my main concerns as it makes a significant contribution towards the Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs. Moreover, administrative capacity building is one of the key priorities of the European Social Fund – the main European financial instrument for investing in people”.

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