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Minister Berceanu asks trade unions to wait till January for negotiating new labour contract

The collective labour contracts can only be negotiated for after they establish the company’s expense and revenue budget, said Minister of Transports Radu Berceanu on Tuesday, who advised the trade union members to wait till January for these negotiations.

„We have a law … no matter if we like it or not and even if there are problems that the trade unions would like to be solved more rapidly, the law compels us to take a different action, namely to negotiate for the collective labour contracts only after there exists the expense and revenue budget.
The expense and revenue budget may probably exist nationwide by the end of the year and probably very soon there will also exist the budget of the Ministry of Transports and, subsequently, of Metrorex and probably in January we will take part in these negotiations,” explained Berceanu.

He also said that he had invited the trade unions to a new round of negotiations on Tuesday, at 3 pm, but only three persons came to the negotiations with Metrorex general manager Gheorghe Udriste, who had „no special mandate, who only wanted to tick the idea that they continued negotiating.”

„When Secretary of State [Gheorghe] Popa went there to see what we could still negotiate for and informed that I was to come too, they left saying they had stringent problems and I think this is not the proper way to find solutions. We are still waiting for them to come back to negotiations.

If we benefit by their presence, we shall try to explain the legal basis again and the conditions we have now, maybe they will understand there is no problem for the trade unions to wait till January, when these negotiations can be held,” also said the Minister of Transports.
The trade union members working with the underground train company on Tuesday went on a general strike for an unstated period of time, between 4 am and 4 pm, as a consequence of the refusal of the Metrorex administration to increase their salaries.


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