State Secretary Aurescu pleading in Washington for a continuation of open-door politics

State secretary for strategic affairs with the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu on Tuesday met in Washington Anthony Blinken, National Security Adviser to US Vice President Joseph Biden, MAE reports in a pres release.

The two officials are said to have underscored that there is a false dilemma between a concern with the use of forces for collective defence and those for strategic action, because the NATO allies in fact needs both categories.
Aurescu and Blinken discussed the further development of the strategic partnership between Romania and the US and agreed to seek new themes for joint action, particularly in the view of the 130th anniversary of Romania-US diplomatic ties in 2010. The visa issue was also on the agenda.

This was Aurescu’s third meeting with US security officials as part of his visit to Washington. Aurescu already met Julianne Smith, Principal Director for Europe and NATO at the US Department of Defense and Elisabeth Sherwood Randall, Director for Europe of the US National Security Council.

At his meeting with Blinken, Aurescu is said to have reaffirmed Romania‘s important objectives for the new NATO Strategic Concept and underscored the importance of an appropriate approach of the situation in the area surrounding NATO – the Western Balkans and the enlarged Black Sea zone – as well as the importance of a continuation of the open-door politics and approaching the new risks and threats against international security.

The two officials also discussed the new US approach of missile defence and the partnership policy of NATO. Energy security also featured on the agenda of the talks, with Aurescu and Blinken showing that this requires an integrated approach and varied action instruments that could be developed both within international organistaions, including NATO, and in a bilateral manner.

Aurescu and Blinken reviewed Romania’s participation in the world community’s efforts deployed in Afghanistan as part of the NATO ISAF operation, in the UN Enduring Freedom mission and in the EUPOL European Union police mission. The situation on the Republic of Moldova was a separate part of the conversation, with the two officials agreeing that efforts should continue to place Moldova on a positive and irreversible path to democracy and reform.
As regards Ukraine and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration, Aurescu and Blinken highlighted the need for supporting the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of both countries, providing that the two countries meet the necessary performance requirements.

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