Nearly 27,500 Romanian nationals cast ballots abroad as of 12:00 hrs, GMT

Nearly 27,500 Romanian nationals abroad cast their ballots in Sunday’s presidential election as of 12:00 hrs, GMT, at the polling centres created for them overseas, which is almost double the turnout in the previous ballot, according to estimates with the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE).

The highest turnout was reported in Chisinau, Dublin, Vienna, Zaragoza and Brussels. The vote is said to be carried out under normal conditions, without major incidents. In the first round of the 2004 Romanian presidential election overseas, 40,856 voters cast their ballots and 40,149 in the run off.
Romanians overseas are said to have displayed their highest mobilisation in the 2007 referendum on dismissing President Traian Basescu, when 75,000 people showed up, while the lowest mobilisation was for this year’s European election, when only 14,300 voters turned out to vote.

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