MAE: More than 147,000 Romanan citizens cast vote outside Romania

More than 147,000 Romanian citizens cast their vote outside Romania in the runoff presidential election, informs the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) on the basis of the data received from the heads of the polling stations abroad.

“By 7 am, Romanian time, more than 147,000 Romanian citizens cast their vote in the 294 polling stations. The official figures referring to the turnout will be made known by the Electoral Bureau for the Polling Stations Abroad after they get all the reports,” reads an issue MAE sent on Monday. Thus, the highest turnout in the diaspora was registered during this round of voting.

During the first round of voting and the referendum of November 22 more than 94,000 Romanian citizens went to the polls and broke the record of 75,000 participants, the number of voters in the referendum on dismissing the President in 2007. The lowest turnout was registered during the europarliamentary election in June, when a little over 14,300 voters went to the polls. More than 40,000 persons voted in the 2004 presidential election, which coincided with the parliamentary election.

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