Romania’s country brand to be drawn up by Spanish company

Romania’s country brand will not be ‘Romania Land of Choice,’ since it has been only recently tendered and a Spanish company is to draw it up in about six months, Elena Udrea informed during the hearings for her validation as the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, on Tuesday.

‘Romania Land of Choice was only the name of a campaign conducted by the Tourism Ministry and it has already finished. As for the country brand, it was put on the blocks and it was a Spanish company that won the bid. The payment is made from the EU funds that Romania can access by 2013.

As for the person who wanted to tease us and had this campaign name registered, we wish him success in the promotion of Romania’s tourism, given that we ended our campaign,” said Udrea, answering a question about her stance in case the person had the brand Romania Land of Choice registered at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks would like to use it.

Udrea, the single woman minister in the Emil Boc Cabinet, was approved as Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, by 43 votes to 4 and one abstention. Elena Udrea showed confidence in Boc Government’s capacity to win the 236 votes required for its investiture. The vote in Parliament takes place on Wednesday.

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  1. Valerica spune

    Doamna Udrea va stii exact ceea ce este bine pentru turismul romanesc! Felicitarile mele…

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