Romania provides humanitarian aid worth 50,000 euros to Haiti

Romania is to provide humanitarian aid worth 50,000 euros to Haiti from the Assistance for Development budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 2010, through the World Food Programme, announced on Wednesday, at the end of the Government meeting, spokesperson Ioana Muntean.

As such, Romania joins the international community efforts, answering the appeal for immediate assistance made by the United Nations Organization on Jan. 15. Romania also takes part, as a European Union member state, in the efforts made at Community level to answer the humanitarian crisis in Haiti. The European Commission announced on Jan. 18 the allocation from the Community emergency budget an amount of 30 million euros to Haiti, to which contributions of 100 million euros will be added for immediate action, destined to the restoration of the governmental infrastructure and 200 million euros for the country’s reconstruction and development.

Romania takes part with a contingent of 21 policemen in the UN Mission in Haiti and as such will also contribute to the normalization efforts in this country, Muntean said. The earthquake on Jan. 12, in Haiti, resulted in 75,000 dead, 250,000 wounded and more than one million homeless, announced on Tuesday the Haitian Department for civil protection.


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  1. Nicholson spune

    For an EU State that ranks 10th in the world for natural resources and is the EU’s 7th Biggest Market 50,000 is not enough. Romania can a lot more then 50,000. Romania can do more then 1,000,000 Euros or more if it decides.

  2. Nicholson spune

    This wonderful gesture from Romania is a stark contrast in what the little and Third World EU member Bulgaria did yesterday and that was to personally profiteer Bulgarians and to take advantage of Haiti’s extremely unfortunate position. Haiti has already stripped Bulgaria of its trust and rightly deserved. Haiti needs support and honest commitment to the rehabilitation process. Romania has and is proving an honest, dedicated approach to reconstructing Haiti.

    The recent personal profiteering and taking advantage of Haiti is a real disappointment to the new Bulgarian humanitarian aid commissioner

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