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Moldovan-Romanian business and investment office to open in Chisinau

A group of business people from Romania and Moldova will open a business and investment office in Chisinau designed to attract foreign investment to Moldova, particularly from Romania.

Romanian Senator Viorel Badea, deputy chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, on Wednesday informed about the office project, of which he is a co-sponsor. ‘There is a huge interest of Romanian companies and other European countries in investing in Moldova,’ said Badea. The office will provide consulting to investors, assistance to potential investors, promote Moldovan investment in Europe, provide legal and business consultancy for various initiatives. Badea said the office will try to draw investment not only from Romania, but also from other countries.

‘Romanian companies will not be able to meet the massive investment challenges in Moldova, and that is why we have invited other business partners from Europe to come and invest in Moldova. The office for business and investment in Moldova will be a platform for investment to come from Europe for Moldova,’ said Badea.

The senator also said Moldova will become an active business hub in the near future that could attract massive investment. ‘Electricity grids will get interconnected, as well as natural gas pipelines; Moldova will become a very active business hub and that is why very many partners from Europe will have to be attracted that are now interested particularly in Spain, Austria or Germany.

Badea said that he was accompanied by a retinue of business people from Romania, including officials of the Blue Air low-budget air carrier, which intends to open a flight from Chisinau to Rome via Bacau, and officials of the Vox TV commercial television channel who are interested in the local media market of Moldova.


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