ForMin Baconschi: Christian-Democratic Foundation is non-partisan political think tank

Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi says that the Christian-Democratic Foundation he and several young intellectuals have set up, was intended to be a non¬partisan political think tank where the Christian Democratic pole of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) is to crystallize.

‘We set up the Christian-Democratic Foundation, which is a non-partisan political think tank where the Christian Democratic pole of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) will crystallize.
It is not an action meant to cause schisms, splits, but on the contrary, to develop, institutionally and doctrinally, a big, modern, central-right party, well-connected to the European People’s Party (EPP), and whose public policies should be inspired from an assumed, coherent outlook, based on values to be explained both to the voters and inside the Party,’ ForMin Baconschi said during the visit he is paying to Shanghai, on July 28-30.

According to Romania’s top diplomat, it deals with a project that he and some intellectuals of a new generation assumed, and which they informed the PDL about.
‘Starting this autumn, the media will be informed in due time about all the pubic events on this Christian-Democratic Foundation’s agenda, and you’ll be invited, and may witness our activity in full transparency,’ ForMin Baconschi added.

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Romania’s Foreign Minister also stressed that within PDL as a center-right party that joined the EPP, it will be found all the complementary formulas that both the Liberal and the Christian Democratic sensitiveness can co-exist and inspire each other. He also pointed out that the project is not aimed at causing any schism within the PDL, but it wants to enrich and develop it, institutionally speaking.

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