Romania’s tourist brand is to be launched at Expo Shanghai 2010 on Thursday

Romania’s tourist brand will be launched on Thursday in Shanghai on the occasion of the National Day of Romania celebrated at the Shanghai World Exhibition 2010, informs a release of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT).

The new logo and slogan under which Romania will be promoted as a tourist destination in the following years will be also presented at this event. The Minister of Regional Development and Tourism Elena Udrea, attending the event, thinks Romania’s new tourist brand sets itself to reveal a new image of Romania.
‘It is the first time this brand has been created in a professional manner, by an international consortium specialising in country branding.

The largest country branding company created Romania’s tourist brand. On the other hand, the attempts made in the past were not sustained, were not supported in time by actions which would have increased Romania’s visibility, starting from what represented at a certain time a logo for Romania, for instance’ Elena Udrea has recently told the public television channel.

She also said that Romania’s tourist brand sets itself to reveal a new image of the country related to Romanian nature and cultural heritage. ‘This image relates to the nature we have here, to the Romanian cultural traditions, the cultural heritage. This is the first time the promotion of Romania has started from these realities, instead of the seaside resorts, Dracula or the Danube Delta as it has happened so far.

This result, the fact that we are promoting ourselves using these realities, came as a result of some worldwide research activities, on the markets we wish to enter, mainly the target-markets. That is why, we believe that following the launch of this brand, which was supported by European money – it was imagined, conceived, and created with European money – the most important thing is the stage of promoting Romania through this new image,’ said Udrea.

According to her, the Black Sea region and Dracula were excluded from this new project, focusing more on Romanian nature and its mountain chains. ‘The brand consists of an image and a logo. (…) I will not reveal what includes exactly as we are launching it on Thursday and I want it to be a surprise.
It is green-coloured, relates to Romanian nature and mountains and we hope it will be attractive as it matches the current trend present on the international markets regarding the tourists’ choices. The tourists do not want mass tourism anymore.

They prefer niche tourism and most of them choose the ecotourism, nature tourism, active tourism or cultural tourism (…),’ underlined Elena Udrea. The creation and promotion of Romania’s tourist brand, financed under European funds, through the Regional Operational Programme, are part of the activities promoting Romania’s tourist potential, with 75 million euros allotted by the end of 2013. The partnership THR-TNS was announced as the winning bidder in the tender organised for the creation of Romania’s tourist brand by the Ministry of Tourism at the end of 2009.

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