Azerbaijani President is designated „Man of the Year” by „Balcanii si Europa” magazine

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev was designated ‘Man of the Year’ by ‘Balcanii si Europa’ magazine, on the occasion of an award ceremony of the above-mentioned publication, that was held on Wednesday in the Fortuna Vest hall of the Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest.

The prize was offered ‘for the exceptional contribution to the development of Azerbaijan and for the special political, economic, social and cultural relations with Romania,’ and was received by Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Bucharest Eldar Hasanov, who pointed out the close relations between Romania and Azerbaijan.

Also, the jury presided by the publication manager decided to award the following prizes for the year 2010: to Bogdan Lucian Aurescu, diplomat in the Foreign Affairs Ministry, in charge of strategy issues,’The Career Diplomat Vocation,’ to Florin Pogonaru, president of the Association of Businessmen in Romania, a well-known European personality, ‘The Regional Economic Integration Vocation,’ to the Romanian Community in Ukraine inter-regional union, ‘The Action for Liberty and Justice Vocation,’ to Cristian Gatu, Romanian Handball Federation president, world renowned sportsman, ‘The Great Performance Vocation,’ to Raed Arafat, Romanian medical life personality, the initiator of a unique emergency system, ‘The Altruism Vocation,’ and to Milan Petrovici, the oldest member of the Foreign Press Correspondents’ Association, ‘The Balkan Spirit Vocation.’

Three honorary diplomas were granted to Ambassador Vasile Leca, to the rector of the Andrei Saguna University in Constanta (south-eastern Romania) Aurel Papari and to publicist Corneliu Vlad.
‘In the name of its declared vocation of publication exclusively dedicated to the Balkan issues, without ignoring, though, the correlation with Europe, but also the role of opinion maker, ‘Balcanii si Europa’ magazine awarded prizes each year to performers in all fields, among our prize recipients being state presidents, prime ministers, ministers, ambassadors, academy members, reputed scientists and cultural personalities, remarkable sportspeople, who put their names in the publication’s laureate gallery,’ said the magazine manager, writer and journalist Carol Roman.

‘Balcanii si Romania’ magazine is the continuation of ‘Balcanii’ magazine, which is meant to give its readers an objective, correct and non-biased point of view on the development of the relations between the Balkan countries and the millennia old Europe. The magazine plans to evaluate the political, economic and social situation especially in the Balkan region, as well as the common interests of Romania, the Balkans and Europe, the way the Balkan countries go through the ‘transition’ period and prepare themselves to join the European Union.


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