No correlation between EU funds and Romania’s real development needs

There is no correlation between the European Union funds and the real development needs of Romania, economic analyst Ilie Serbanescu told debates on the volume published by economist and former Finances Minister Daniel Daianu entitled When Finance Undermines the Economy and Corrodes the Democracy.

Serbanescu stressed the foreign companies operating in Romania, at which such EU funds are, in fact, aimed fail to access them and he said there probably is an ‘instruction’ for these amounts not to be accessed, because in fact they no longer exist, since they have been directed elsewhere during the crisis.

Moreover, Serbanescu said, even the funds for the development of agriculture, where the absorption is higher, are actually meant to find non-agricultural alternatives for the agricultural population, so as to keep them in the rural area.

It is by no accident, he pointed out, that the only operational sectoral programme of the EU more anchored in the Romanian economic realities, the one for boosting economic competitiveness, is also the one to have less money assigned.

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