Premier Ungureanu: European funds for Romania will not be suspended

Premier Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu gave guarantees that the European funds for Romania would not be suspended.

‘I do not want to think of such a thing for now, because we are doing our best for this thing not to happen. Therefore, I do not presume the worst and I hope this never happens. And I assure you this thing will not happen. At least, for now,’ said the Premier, who paid a visit to the building site of the Bucharest – Ploiesti motorway.

Ungureanu admitted, though, that there were „very many problems’ and „some of them could be solved.’

‘You very well know that, since the beginning of governing, I have stated that the European fund absorption is strategically important to us, therefore, you imagine, we are doing our best in this respect,’ the Prime Minister said.

He announced that, to this purpose, next week a new meeting of the inter-ministry committee will take place and they will analyze the achievements until now and the effects of the laws adopted by the Government three weeks ago, concerning the rapidity of the file processing, of the reports between the tender and the execution, and so on.

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