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King Mihai bestows decorations on politicians, diplomats and literati


King Mihai on Friday bestowed decorations on politicians, diplomats and literati at the Elisabeta Palace to mark May 10, the King’s Day. Among the recipients was former leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) MP group in the Chamber of Deputies Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, who came to the event accompanied by his nonagenarian mother, and MP Theodor Paleologu, who was accompanied by his teen son Mihai.

After receiving the decoration, Paleologu said that the Mihai I for Loyalty medal presented to him makes him think of his father about whom he said was the first monarchist in Romania after the 1989 anti-communist revolution.

‘The Mihai I for Loyalty Medal is a plus in my eyes because it is about a direct connection with this king. It is a medal created by King Mihai I, not some decoration inherited from his predecessors,’ said Paleologu.

Tariceanu said in his turn that the youth of her mother, who this year turns 90, was marked by life under Romania’s Crown.

‘The King was a real model for verticality, courage and perseverance for her generation and she wanted so much to be here at the Elisabeta Palace,’ said Tariceanu.

He said he was very honoured to be presented the highest royal distinction by King Mihai, the Nihil Sine Deo award.

Painter Stefan Caltia, who received a Cross of the Royal House of Romania decoration, said he was very excited to meet the king, history and the future.

‘I am very excited. If you were at the Garden Party yesterday, the Independence Day and the King’s Day, you could have met people from all around the country that smiled and had a relaxed sight, as if from another Romania. In fact that is the Romania we all dream about and we all want. Long live the King!’ said Caltia.

Academician Cristian Hera, the recipient of a Nihil Sine Deo distinction, said he was honoured to receive the decoration, because ‘ at a certain age you have to have extra strength to carry on.’

May 10 has witnessed important events in the history of Romania: on May 10, 1866 Carol I became ruler of Romania; 11 years later the young Romanian state celebrated its independence and on May 10, 1881 Romania became a kingdom. May 10 used to be celebrated as Romania’s National Day in 1867-1947.


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