Traian Basescu returns to Cotroceni Palace after almost two-month suspension

President Traian Basescu returned on Tuesday after 10:30 am to the Cotroceni Palace after 52 days of suspension from office, resuming the term he won in the 2009 presidential elections.

Basescu‘s return follows Parliament having officially taken note on Monday of the Constitutional Court ruling that nullifies the July 29 referendum. The Court’s ruling was published on Monday evening in the Official Gazette, after it was read out in the plenary sitting of the lawmaking body.

On July 6, Parliament decided to suspend Basescu from office. After this move, the Senate chairman, Liberal Crin Antonescu, took over as Romania‘s interim President.

During the referendum campaign, Basescu has all the time maintained that all he cares for is not the presidential seat at Cotroceni, but Romania‘s European future.

„The big issue about my suspension is Justice. Now, just like in 2007, this is about controlling it. Whereas at that time Justice was only budding, in 2012 it has confirmed that it is ready to be independent,” Basescu said while off term.

Whereas at the beginning of the campaign Basescu said he didn’t want to win „at the green table,” after the enactment of the law setting a minimum voter turnout threshold for the referendum to pass, he urged voters not to turn out so as to not give their endorsement to „USL’s coup.’ Basescu himself did not vote in the July 29 referendum.

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