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Over a million tourists have spent their vacation in Romania, in July 2012


More than one million tourists have spent their vacation in Romania, in July 2012, according to data provided by the National Statistics Institute (INS), the highest level compared to the similar period in the past six years, the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT) announced in a press release.

„I hope it is not just a happening due to the crisis period we all pass through. I think it is very important to support this trend through complex development programs and to promote including mountain and urban destinations, that can offer satisfaction both to Romanian and foreign tourists. The first step that I would like us to do is to identify, together with those directly involved in the travel industry, the necessary steps to support the actual development of tourism in Romania. And I emphasize that these steps mean firstly an increased quality of services offered to tourists. It is a natural stage”, said the Secretary of State for Tourism of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, Cristian Barhalescu.

The increase, compared to July 2011, in the Chapter of arrivals in tourist accommodations, is 13 percent in the segment of foreign tourists and 12.5 percent in the segment of Romanian tourists.

It is an upward trend also for the period January to July 2012, compared to the same period in 2011, the percentages being 12.4 percent for foreign tourists registered in the Romanian tourism units and, respectively, 12.7 percent for Romanian tourists.


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