Economy Minister: We have a strategy of Romania’s re-industrialization

Romania has a strategy of re-industrialization, and this Government’s priority areas are energy, machine constructions, but also food industry, Minister of Economy and Business Environment Business Daniel Chitoiu said in an interview given to AGERPRES.

Romania has all the chances to re-enter the markets outside Europe, where it was active before 1990 and there are hopes that, once the energy market is liberalized, the price of energy to drop and effects to be found in the lower costs of production, said Chitoiu.

Markets in Asia and Africa can absorb Romanian products, but it is important that we are present there and promote the Romanian products, that we will intensify such activities and, at the same time, we must be able to take specific guarantees that those who export, or invest in the respective countries, are sure they will not lose investments or that they can recover the money, the products counter-value, the minister added.

For Africa, Romania will prepare food products, textiles, construction products, as areas of promotion. For the ex-Soviet countries we will mainly go on greenfield investments, the energy component, companies specialized in power grids construction, IT, civil and industrial constructions and roads. The Romanian products can also find a market in Turkmenistan, which can pay its obligations towards Romania in oil or gas products, but also on the Chinese market.

In respects of the state economy, the minister said that, by the measures taken by USL Government, the energy industry has recovered, passing on profit and, as a result of liberalization of the energy market, all energy producers have passed on profit.

„I hope that, in the next period, what has already happened in the last month, the energy price to further drop. It fell in October compared to September by almost 5 percent, it also fell in September compared to August by pretty much the same percentage. I wish that, due to the fact that we have liberalized the energy market, by boosting competition, the price of energy to further drop, which will be also found in the producers’ manufacturing costs”.

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