Romanian cruise market estimated at EUR 10 ml this year

Romania’s cruise market is estimated this year at EUR 10 million and the upward trend of the recent years is expected to continue because of growing demand for this type of holiday, Razvan Pascu, tourism marketing consultant with Travel Communication Romania.

„According to specialist statistics, the global cruise market this year exceeds 32 billion euros, with a total of 20.9 million registered passengers, with both parameters – the value and the number of tourists – witnessing growth of up to 5% compared to 2012. Romanians increasingly fancy the all-inclusive concept that offers the opportunity to visit several cities,” said Razvan Pascu.

Travel agencies in Romania estimate that nearly 20,000 Romanians will go on cruise holidays in 2013, so that the local market will reach about 10 million euros.

„Although until two years ago cruises seems to be only the preserve of the affluent, in the last period increasingly more Romanians choose to spend their vacations on a cruise ship, because this is the most relaxing way to visit new places while accommodation, food and even entertainment are all ensured. In addition, special offers keep emerging and it often happens that agencies have deals of 250-350 euros for a one-week all-inclusive cruise, the flight ticket included,” said Razvan Pascu.

At present, cruises are sold in Romania both by large agencies which have the advantage of integrating the cruise into a longer vacation like Happy Tour, Paralela 45 and Perfect Tour, but also by agencies specialising in the sale of cruises, as Carpatour or World Travel.

„The cruises Romanian tourists seek the most are those on the Mediterranean, along the coastlines of Greece, Italy, Spain, but also routes that include the French Riviera, the Nordic and the Baltic Countries. A one-week holiday package is worth 400-500 euros, plus about 200 euros for the flight to the boarding port,” said Razvan Pascu.(National News Agency AGERPRES)


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