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Great-grandson of Dracula’s creator to visit Tihuta Pass


Great-grandson of Bram Stoker, the author of the famous ‘Dracula’ novel, is expected to pay a visit next week to the Tihuta Pass (Bistrita-Nasaud County, northern Romania), the place where the writer imagined being the castle of the vampire-count, one the most famous character of the world’s literature.

According to information remitted to Agerpres by Ana-Maria Muscar, the manager of the hotel that was named after Dracula, built in the 1980s by the authorities in the Bistrita-Nasaud County precisely in the Tihuta Pass, no one from the Stoker family has ever got involved in tourist activities related to the famous vampire. However, the great-grandson of the Irish-born writer, Dacre Stoker, decided to team with the Dutch photographer Hans Corneel de Roos to create the ?Dracula, Bram Stoker, Travel Guide’.

‘The authors of the new travel guide intend to cooperate with the already existing sites in Romania that are associated with the legend of Dracula. Dacre Stoker and Hans de Roos, accompanied by Travel Channels’ film producer Aaron Saagers are going to visit Romania to meet with their partners here. Additional to the travel guide the team will also produce a TV series, to document their travel’, specified Ana-Maria Muscar.

The great-grandson of Bram Stoker will be thus accommodated in the hotel built exactly on the spot indicated by the novel, in front of which there is a statue of the writer. He will deliver a press conference on November 22 to explain his project and also why Bram Stoker didn’t want to be made any connection between his Dracula character and Romanian ruler Vlad Tepes.

In Bram Stoker’s novel ?Dracula’, Borgo Pass (Tihuta Pass) plays a crucial role. It is through this Pass the young lawyer Jonathan Harker is traveling in a carriage from Bistrita heading to Bucovina, until he is stopped by the carriage of vampire-count Dracula. In his journal, Harker describes the impressive view of this mountainous region, with small houses and endless green woods.

The hotel located in the Tihuta Pass, at an altitude of more than 1,100 meters, is the place where tourists from Europe and the United States gather every year on Halloween, fans of the ?Dracula’ novel, who participate in thematic parties. In fact, this place represents one of the main tourist attractions in Bistrita-Nasaud County.


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