Antonescu: In the Senate’s name, I urge Yanukovych to immediately cease the bloody repression of protesters

Romanian Senate Chairman Crin Antonescu has urged Ukrainian President Yanukovych to ‘immediately cease the bloody repression of protesters.’

‘The law enforcement forces must not forget about the human rights when reacting, including the freedom of speech and the right to protest in a peaceful manner. In a democratic society, people have their right to choose how to build their own destiny, which cannot be confiscated by the interests of some political leaders. In the name of the Romanian Senate I urge President Viktor Yanukovych to immediately cease the bloody repression of the protesters. Violence only generates violence and allowing conflict to escalate is not the solution for putting an end to the Ukrainian crisis. The representatives of the protesters, the Opposition and the authorities in Kyiv have the obligation to sit around the negotiation table to quickly identify a peaceful solution to lead to reconciliation,’ said Antonescu, according to a press release issued on Wednesday.

Antonescu voiced concern about the loss of human lives and the bloody fights in the Ukrainian capital between pro-EU protesters and the Police.

‘Violence is condemnable no matter who starts it, but the authorities in Kyiv had an additional responsibility in identifying solutions to ease the situation.

He also said that the Ukrainian people’s pro-European aspirations are perfectly legitimate, while the democratic states, first of all the EU and the USA, should ‘constantly offer their firm support, so that these aspirations may become reality.’

Twenty-five people lost their lives in the violent clashes in Kyiv streets between protesters and the Police, the Ukrainian Health Minister is quoted by Interfax-Ukraine as saying on Wednesday.

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