PM Ponta: Biggest problem is we have approved projects, but fail to spend money

Prime Minister Victor Ponta, during a visit to this eastern Romanian Danube River port city on Friday urged the local mayors to legally and quickly spend the funds they have available.

‘The biggest problem is that while we have already approved projects, we fail to spend the money. Tenders are being called, they are being challenged, everybody comes to inspect and nobody wants to sign anything any longer. Everybody avoids signing so that they might no longer be afterwards questioned about why had they signed. I ask you to spend the money legally, as fast and as best as possible! Tulcea (county) mayors should be aware they have a special road to travel, since nothing has been invested in the county for very many years’, Ponta said in the opening of a ceremony handing in several funding contracts under the National Local Development Programme (NLDP).

Attending Vice Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea stressed the Victor Ponta Government has so far brought 450 million lei worth of investments in Tulcea county.

‘Via the NLDP, we have 45 projects to which add today’s projects. Furthermore, there are 19 cultural clubs currently at various phases of achievement, ten gyms and spending for urgent needs at the County Emergency Hospital totalling 2.8 million lei for the early part of the project. There is also money assigned for the integrated water and sewage system, a very large project in the county. The contract for such system in (the Danube Delta town of) Sfantu Gheorghe worth 20 million lei was signed last week. There also are 40 homes for the young people at Macin as well as another 168 apartments. The project under the Regional Operational Programme totals 323 million lei and the overall investments stand at 450 million lei’, said Dragnea, also the Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration. (1 euro=4.4 lei). (Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)

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