Firmele româneşti accesează fondurile pentru promovarea exporturilor

This year, funds for export promotion were used for the first time in full, and even need to be supplemented. The 19.6 million RON allocated by the government for the 2006 program of actions managed by the Department of Foreign Trade was used as early as the first half of the year. On the occasion of the July rectification, the budget was further increased by 8.3 million RON.

The use rate was reduced in 2003 and 2004, respectively 51.4% and 53% respectively. As a result of the intensification of the promotion actions financed under the „Export Promotion Program”, the best rate of utilization of funds was recorded in 2005, 89.9%.

International fairs and exhibitions attract the most funds

Budget support is given priority to small and medium-sized businesses to develop export activity and promote supply on foreign markets. The Department of Foreign Trade within the Ministry of Economy and Trade puts annually at exporters a budget approved by the Romanian Government for international fairs and exhibitions, economic missions, representations, market studies, offers and publicity (catalogs, CDs, flyers etc .). Up to now, most exporters in Romania want money to go to international fairs and exhibitions.

Similar programs are also being carried out in the other EU Member States in order to facilitate firms’ access to international markets and to strengthen their exports.

Who can access the funds?

Beneficiaries of the funds for export promotion can be the companies that perform export operations, the companies whose products are of their own design, of quality and with great added value, the companies that have export achievements in the previous years, except the newly established companies which have positive results regarding the efficiency of participation in fairs and exhibitions with support from the state budget, in case of presence in such actions in the previous years. The normative act regulating the granting of funds is Government Decision no. 2100/2004.

If a grant is approved for participation in an international event, the state budget shall bear the costs of organizing the stand, transport, customs formalities and duties, handling and storing for samples sent for temporary export. The participating company also sends an employee to the fair and half of the costs for transport and accommodation there are borne by the state.
In the case of Romanian commercial representations abroad, SMEs in markets of interest for non-EU Romanian exports, the financing is 50% for the costs of registration, initial endowment, space rent and utilities, for a period of one year. The same level of funding is also provided for market research.
Fully financed from the budget publishing and distribution abroad and foreign embassies in Romania of newsletters on the export offer and the realization of general advertising and advertising actions on products and groups of products on markets of interest for Romanian exports.
Actions financed from these funds are set up together with representatives of the private environment within the Export Council.
The Export Council is an advisory body to the Romanian Government in which all ministries with economic attributions, branch associations and employers’ associations are represented.
The Department of Foreign Trade, mandated by the Export Council, together with representatives of the private environment, has developed the first National Export Strategy. For example, the IT branding project launched in September is a result of this partnership. There are three other branding strategies in place: furniture, light industry and wine-making.
„In the Export Council, we are committed to funding all proposals for participation in fairs, exhibitions, economic missions, market studies and other sectoral studies from the IT sector and included in the Export Promotion Program budget branding recently launched in public debate, „said Deputy Minister for Trade, Mr. Iuliu Winkler, in October.
The Minister met with representatives of the business environment in several counties this year, in order to expand the exporter base and to increase the involvement of county business environments in Romania’s foreign trade activities.
„As a result of these meetings, we have found that it is absolutely necessary to expand the territorial representation representation of the Export Council in order to efficiently disseminate information at central level and to implement joint local initiatives”, Mr. Iuliu Winkler added.

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