„E.ON Moldova” îi sfidează pe ieşeni

  • OPEN LETTER to the management of SC „E.ON Moldova” SA
Dear Sirs,
The city of Iasi faces an unprecedented and not very good situation regarding the electricity supply services under the „E.ON Moldova” administration.
Although we have had discussions with your company’s management and have received assurances regarding the improvement of these services, the reality still demonstrates the opposite. And, unfortunately, the repeated damage and defects, on large sections of the city, affect both the population and the activity of public institutions and economic agents in Iasi.
Regrettably, I note and disapprove of the continuous decrease of the quality of the electricity supply services, especially after the privatization of the former Electrica company and its takeover by E.ON Moldova. It is enough to make a comparison between the number of failures before and after privatization, when there were numerous unscheduled interruptions and a very energetic reaction from the citizens of Iaşi and the local press to the service provided.

It seems to me at least bizarre that on the very day you inaugurated your own public relations center in Iaşi, electricity supply will be interrupted simultaneously at your premises as well as at the Prefecture, the County Council, the City Hall, the Police Municipal and other institutions that manage important databases. It is a serious fact which, in my opinion, must give you serious thought and compels you to make an urgent assessment of the negative situation you are experiencing in organizing and operating.

Dear Sirs,
It is unacceptable that, given the fact that the Iasi City Hall is investing millions of euros in the modernization of the public lighting, the electricity supplier would compromise this effort through poor quality services.

It is inadmissible to compromise the financial effort, the contribution of every Iasi to the public safety, leaving the whole area of Iaşi in the dark, a situation that favors the increase of the number of crimes in the shelter of darkness.
I think it would be right for you to take public responsibility for (at least) the discomfort you are having to the domestic and economic users and the public institutions in Iasi.
I am sorry to have to adopt such an attitude, but the reality on the ground, the many complaints from the citizens of Iaşu compels me to take a firm stand and I will do so whenever it is needed.
I hope that the reported irregularities can be repaired as soon as possible, that the power supply in Iaşi municipality will go into normal and assure you of our full availability to develop a constructive partnership for the benefit of the local community.

Gheorghe NICHITA,
Mayor of Iaşi

In response to this open letter, Mr. Gunther Schubert, general manager of E.ON Moldova, addressed the Iasi Town Hall a hurry, claiming with the nerve that „this situation was due to the dynamic development of Iasi and the fact that” E .ON Moldova „has started to modernize the electricity network with very strong investments that require massive interventions in this network”.

The „E.ON Moldova” leadership said that „this month, half of the incidents in Iaşi, including those that affected the city center, had the cause of breaking the underground cables by teams carrying out excavation works near the lines of the power lines underground „.
According to director Gunther Schubert’s answer, Iskans should not complain because „the statistical calculation shows that, taking into account external causes, the number of incidents in this month is almost 40% lower than in October 2005.”

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