Cefin Romania invests in A1 Industrial Park

Cefin Real Estate Romania, the local branch of Italian company Cefin Holding, will allocate this year, in a partnership with Valad investment fund, 200 million euros, for the construction of A1 Industrial Park.
The works will be carried out by Cheuro Co., and are due to be ready in 2009. The industrial park will stretch over an area of 80,000 sqm, of which 54,000 sq m storage space. The offices will cover 17,000 sqm and the commercial area 9,000 sqm.
Valad investment fund (former Teesland iOG) bought last year, for 70 million euros, the A1 Industrial Park project, begun by Cefin.
Cefin Real Estate Romania was set up in 1998, as the investment division of Cefin Romania. The company is operating in the residential field, in that of offices and commercial spaces, with the investment made so far exceeding 400 million euros.
Cefin Romania estimates a turnover worth more than 320 million euros for this year.

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