Albanian President hopeful Traian Basescu will visit his country

President of Albania Bamir Topi on Thursday told Rompres that he hopes President Traian Basescu will visit his country and that bilateral relations will intensify, now that Albania was formally invited to join NATO.
"This is a very important day for Albania, that was invited to join NATO, a large alliance of peace and security. I would like to very much thank Romanian authorities for their hospitality. This is a happy day not only or me, but for all Albanians," said President Topi.

The President of Albania said that an eventual visit by President Basescu to his country will tighten relations between the two states.
"I think bilateral relations with Romania will amplify in the future. I hope I'll welcome one day President Basescu on an official visit to Albania, that would thus contribute to the development of Albania – Romania relations, the more so as we will be partners under the NATO umbrella," said the Albanian President.
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