Basescu: Greece is right to veto

Greece has been fully right to veto Macedonia's joining NATO and the 25 NATO member states had to take note and support their ally, Romania's President Traian Basescu said during the news conference held at the end of the North Atlantic Council's meeting, on Thursday.
The announcement about Macedonia's not being invited to join NATO along with Albania and Croatia, caused the disappointment of the Macedonian delegation attending the NATO Summit in Bucharest.
The first to react were the Macedonian journalists accredited to the Summit and who, immediately after the NATO Secretary General's announcement that Macedonia was not invited, chose to step out from the conference hall.

Afterwards, Skopje Government's spokesperson Ivica Bocevski said that NATO's decision was a very unfortunate one because her country had fulfilled all the Atlantic standards and objectives.
Macedonia is a European and a Western nation and for this reason we want to join both NATO and the EU, because both alliances are based on justice, freedom and common values. But, freedom and justice cannot be seen when a small country must change its name in order to be able to join the EU and NATO, the Macedonian official stressed.
The Alliance's heads decided Macedonia would receive the invitation to join NATO after resolving its argument with Greece over the name of the country and the cultural heritage it invokes. Greece reproaches Skopje authorities with using the name of Macedonia and assuming as its state policy the cultural values of the Greek province bearing the same name.
Official sources within the Alliance willing to remain anonymous told Rompres that Greece was categorically in favour of Macedonia being imposed this condition, and the representatives of France, Spain and Luxembourg also backed it up. According to the same sources, Portugal abstained.
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