Ukraine to negotiate participation in Afghanistan, under Swedish command

Ukraine is to negotiate with Sweden an agreement, according to which it will place under the Swedish command an important military contingent in Afghanistan, announced on Thursday the Ukrainian Defence Minister Iuri Iekanurov.
He pointed out that this was convened in Bucharest during the meeting with Sweden's Defence Minister.
Iekanurov said he also met in Bucharest his Romanian counterpart Teodor Melescanu. Ukraine is to cooperate with Romania, said Iekanurov, to be able to draw from this one's experience in its path to integrate into the European Union.
Kiev Defence Minister also stressed that approximately a third of the NATO member states think that Ukraine can join NATO, another third of the member states say his country has yet to implement some reforms and the remainder of the states maintain that it is not still the adequate moment for accession.
In Iekanurov's opinion, Ukraine is ready from the social and political point of views to join the North Atlantic Alliance, recognizing at the same time that, at military level, a lot remains to be done as for the reform of military structures, modernization and inter-operability of battle capabilities.

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